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The Pendulum

by Deanna Woodworth

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The Pendulum is a device used to measure both inner and outer energies and force fields. It has been used for many years in the ancient art of divination or dowsing and as a divining tool can communicate with spirit or your subconscious mind.

We live in an energy universe. Every organism is surrounded by may different types of energy. We have the ability to recognize and sense different energies. All living matter seems to have an innate intelligence which manifests in a kind of primary perception of good or bad energy. Humans especially have this ability developed to a very high degree. However, they are not aware of it most of the time.

A pendulum can be used as a tool to have questions answered, allergy testing, food testing, dowsing and so much more. In my experience using a pendulum, I have found them to be fairly accurate. Before using your pendulum you should cleanse and bless it, thus making it yours. I also recommend not letting other people use your pendulum as it can hold their energy and throw your pendulum off. A good way to cleanse your pendulum of negative energies is to place it in the freezer or bury it in the ground over night. To bless it simply say a prayer or ask spirit to bless it for your own personal use.

It is not advisable to ask questions of your pendulum that are not in the overall good of the person you are asking about as you will find that your answers may be very inaccurate. It has also been my experience that asking the same questions over and over will give you mixed results. Ask your question once and trust your intuition.

So many people ask how does this work, how can an object move using your mind? There are several theories and explanations on this subject. One authority, Max Freedom Long, says that it is subconscious phenomena which the pendulum makes conscious. Others propose all kinds of metaphysical and religious explanations for the phenomena such as angels making the pendulum move, spirit or God making it move and so forth.

It may help if we look at it on a frequency level. This explanation will help understand teleradiesthesia (detection from a distance). The mind operates something like a combination radio or TV transmitter. A person with a properly trained mind who can concentrate and hold his thought powerfully on a particular object, thought, person, substance, or idea becomes in tune with it. The person touches the thing on its own frequency. Nerve cells begin to vibrate in resonance to it, and this vibration has a frequency (vibratory rate) and wavelength which give it a unique quality, tone, or colour. The nervous system then translates this quality and causes the appropriate agreed upon movement in the pendulum.

Is it mind over matter, divination or some other unexplained occurrence? Well anyone with a trained mind who has a reasonable ability to concentrate and focus for a length of time can use a pendulum. It is also advisable to develop good emotional and mental control before putting too much trust in your pendulum. As you become more emotionally neutral, you will gain more control and poise , and you will notice that your readings become progressively more accurate. In addition, other facets of your life will begin to improve as well.

There have been many documented positive findings referring to the power of the pendulum. People have used them to diagnose disease, test food for life threatening bacteria, and even to find lost items or people. During my research I found a story that I would like to share. Verne Cameron, a famous water dowser, was barred from leaving the United States because he was considered a security risk. Why? Using a map dowsing technique in a demonstration to admirals of the U.S. Navy, he accurately located the position and depth of all their submarines and submarine bases in the Pacific. Not only that but he was also able to distinguish between American and Russian subs. It is stories like these that make even the most sceptic people stop and take notice of this amazing tool.

Most everyone is able to train the mind to use a pendulum. From fun to therapy, this tool has crossed the ages with a history of accuracy, and the ability to amaze all who come in contact with it for the first time. I recommend doing meditation prior to using your pendulum to clear your mind of the things that may bring you false or inaccurate results. This is a very powerful tool and it must at all times be used with great respect and only used for the highest good of all involved.

Deanna is a popular speaker on energy work at hospitals, women's groupand wellnessorganzationsinNova Scotia. Her private practice is in Halifax and Kentville. She teaches Energy medicine and Emotional Trauma Release nationally.

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