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Celebrate Your Home--Celebrate Your Life

by Eileen F. Egyedy

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As a Feng Shui consultant, I am challenged to understand what makes a good Practitioner. Even though it requires many years of study through different schools to learn the art and science of feng shui, a high level of common sense and compassion with the client is a must. The client needs to have a consultant that is approachable. This promotes a level of trust. The consultation with the client and the property has a strong connection. Even though a consultant may have a lot of knowledge, it is how they translate that knowledge for the client that defines them.

Last spring while watching my daughter in the pool taking her swimming lessons, I came upon a theory. I believe we are attracted to palaces (homes) that help us to live our "life plan". This is the karmic responsibility that we must deal with. The home reflects issues. Through the analysis of wandering star, twenty four mountains, compass, land form, bagua, and lou pan work, the occupants of the home are shaped by the "heart" of the home. Based upon the year and cosmic time the home was built, there is a core of energy that creates an "aura." This supports Winston Churchill's and Valmi Elkin's theory that "the house shapes us and we shape the house." Our home is our castle. It is a sacred place. Denise Linn in her book "Feng Shui for the Soul" talks about the home as a manifestation for the soul.

This theory has proven itself many times over due to the advanced level work on the home. Why are we attracted to palaces that reflect issues. An issue is a problem that seems to constantly plague the occupants of the home. The issue may be illness or money or relationships. The home will either creates an issue, sustain a current life issue or heal the issue. Let me give you an example. I worked with a client who requested to have a feng shui consultation to deal with relationships. Through the floor plan, it reflected this in the number analysis. An element was placed in the area to weaken the issue and to promote relationship. Over time, the client felt more relaxed about her view of relationships and her friends. She decided to sell her home. She consulted me to find a new home for her based upon her birth energy. I encouraged her to find a home on her own that she liked. She found one and to my astonishment, the number analysis matched the previous home. Even though she thought the home faced a different direction and was built in a different cosmic period, this home reflected relationship issues similar to the last home. I was astonished. Why did she choose this palace that seemed to carry on the issue of relationships? Does she still need to work on the issue before the universe agrees that she can move on? I believe that we attract fortunate palaces once the universe agrees that we are able to handle this. This is authentic work; helping the client recognize the issue, deal with it, and then honoring the fortunate blessings.

I think that if feng shui is viewed as a "quick fix" or power feng shui, we can easily convince the client that energy does exist even though the affect will not last. To illustrate a case in point, I worked with a client who needed employment immediately. Through placement, this worked. The client was pleased. Within a short time, however, the client's husband had an accident which required him to loose his employment. Now, we are working on his health. Was this incident a part of his life plan? Through conferencing with the client, issues are surfacing that were not there before. Perhaps this is the way to work through an issue that needs to be cleared before the man of the home receives employment. I believe it is necessary for clients to understand what the energy in the home is saying and how it shapes their life. I also believe that once the issue is acknowledged, it is easier to deal with. If things are placed in the home to weaken or to strengthen stars, the home becomes a haven for fortunate blessings. If the client chooses a palace that reflects the issue, and the client is not aware that it needs to be dealt with, then the client will shape the home through placement to accelerate the issue. This supports the theory that we can use our homes to heal.

I think it is the responsibility of the consultant to help the client understand what the energy of the home is saying. Many clients are relieved to know that the home is not turned upside down to channel chi yet are grateful to know what can be done to shape the palace for healing.

What is the next step? The use of the bagua (pa kua) and the placement of things around the rooms to harmonize incoming chi is not enough. We have a life time responsibility and commitment to our clients. This means that I as a consultant needs to help the client recognize that the home can be a palace for celebration. Placement is the catalyst for change. Intent with focus helps with connection. Until we become connected with our homes, we will not recognize the "fortunate blessings" we receive on a daily basis. We need to honor our homes as a place to shape energy for prosperity and health. What is your home telling you?

Eileen F. Egyedy , M.ED. is a respected Feng Shui Consultant, speaker, and instructor in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Originating 551 B.C. in China Heaven is a vast infinite space composing of yin and yang forces.

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