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What is Psychometry?

by Rev. Barry King, PhD.

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Psychometry is the ability to obtain information by psychic means by touching or handling an object. The term psychometry literally means soul measurement. The word is coined from the Greek: psyche-soul and metron-measure. Psychometry is also called object-reading. In a general sense, psychometry can be considered a facet of clairvoyance.

The pioneer researcher in this field was J. Rhodes Buchanan (1814-1899). He coined the word psychometry. Buchanan believed that some emanation was given off by all substances including the human body and sensitives were able to feel and get certain psychic impressions.

How do I do Psychometry?

We use psychometry in our classes to help people become comfortable with receiving and interpreting impressions. To give a message to someone using psychometry, you must first have an object which has their vibration on it. This should be an object which they wear or have with them often and which is not handled by other people. A piece of jewellery is often best.

Hold the object in your hand, take a few deep breathes and close your eyes. Become aware of any emotions or impressions that move through your mind. Look for images or symbols. Sometimes impressions are literal and sometimes they are symbolic. Feelings and emotions are often easiest to perceive. Do not dismiss what you receive as imaginings. Listen to your guidance and trust it .

After a few minutes share your impressions with the object's owner. People are often amazed at how accurate these impressions are. Remember to relax and ask for only constructive messages.

Rev. Barry King, Ph.D.

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