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Dowsing Will Unfold Your Intuitive Abilities

by Sandra Yemm

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"Dowsing is an intuitive technique used to communicate with
universal intelligence. Through dowsing we obtain data that we
sometimes refer to as our 'hunch' or 'sixth sense'."

The practice of dowsing is more than 6,000 years old. Dowsing is also affectionately known as divining, questing and water witching. Cave drawings show men holding forked sticks in their hands, and ancient writings indicate "the rod" accompanied and comforted man on his journeys.

Dowsing, used in ancient times to find good drinking water, is used today as a guide to manage our changing daily life. Through dowsing we obtain data and direction. Dowsers use a variety of tools including pendulums and L-rods, while some practise 'dowsing without tools'.

Those who were raised in the farming community are familiar with dowsing. Gary Skillen, President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers says, "When I was just six years old my father employed a water dowser to find a source of good water to supply our house and barn. My father was holding the forked willow branch when the stick indicated a water source below the earth. The stick moved down so strongly that the bark came off in his hands. He was surely a believer in dowsing after that encounter, and it made a lasting impression on me."

Dowsing is an intuitive language used to search for information, minerals, and objects that seem to have their own natural electro-magnetic energy. These energies that the body detects with its built-in sensors are no more mysterious than seeing, hearing, or smelling. They are natural to all of us. We access the subconscious mind with a question and have it respond by some means that we can recognize. The answer may take the form of a tingle in the fingers, a muscle response that moves the dowsing tool, an inner-knowing or hunch, or pictures formed in the mind. Dowsing tools give a 'yes' or 'no' answer or charts can be used to give a specific answer.

The military used dowsing to locate buried mines during the Gulf war. Government agencies routinely employ dowsing to find buried gas, electrical and water lines.

If you are a novice dowser, it is very helpful to find a comfortable place that is available to you at the same time each day for a few minutes of practice. First relax, become quiet and drift into a prayerful mood. The advantage of using a dowsing device is that you do not need to try to physically sense or become part of the energies. A detached sensing system avoids the problem of absorbing undesirable energies. Dowsers always ask permission, such as "May I, Can I, Should I". A dowser always respects personal privacy and will never dowse a person without their personal request. Learning to dowse is like learning to play a musical instrument or learning to type. It requires carefully controlled instructions and practice.

A good method of practising is to a flip a coin and dowse which side is up. Try dowsing to determine how many telephone messages are on your answering machine each day. These simple questions, done consistently, will enhance and confirm your ability to locate the unknown and unseen.

A dowsing tool appears to simply be a readout or biofeedback device that is controlled through your subconscious. Experienced dowsers use all of the basic dowsing tools - L-rods, Y-rods, pendulums, and bobbers. A rod can be made quickly be cutting a clothes hanger and a pendulum by hanging some object on a string. Dowsing devices come in all sizes, shapes and materials. Although many dowsers have their favourites, it appears that all the dowsing tools seem to work equally well when used by experienced dowsers. It is what feels good to you that should determine your choice. Dowsing or divining with tools is simply a more tangible method of using your natural psychic abilities.

Today, it is very important to know what is best for our individual needs. We can dowse for nutritional products, health-care services, identify environmental stressors, create healing spaces, find a safe place to place our bed and desk and clear dis-ease before it impacts our physical body. We can learn from the master dowsers who share their time and experience with others. The Canadian Society of Dowsers website contains a wealth of information at www.CanadianDowsers.org.

Sandra Yemm is Vice President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers. She is a professional feng shui geomancer and part-time faculty member of Sheridan and Mohawk Colleges in Ontario, where she teaches intuitive self- empowerment courses. The CSD will hold its 14th annual conference and dowsing schools in Toronto, June 22 - 24, 2001. For information: 1-888-588-8958 www.CanadianDowsers.org

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