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A Spiritual Perspective on Colour

by Rev. Sandi King

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Colour is a wonderful concept. As a word, it is very simple...colour. Yet it is so multi-faceted. Colour can set a mood or atmosphere, reflect one's current state of mind or emotions, represent specific nutrients food and bring spiritual awareness through our energy centres helping us align or balance that energy. Color can be used in your daily life to restore balance and well-being.

Colour therapy looks at colour as a vibration; an energy source. Physically, colour is light split into different vibrations ~ hence each colour has its own vibration. White is the reflection of all colours and black is the absorption of all colours.

The Colour Spectrum

The colour spectrum as seen in a rainbow runs from short (purple) to long (red) waves. Each colour has a universal interpretation or meaning. There are several schemata that do this. I have attempted to integrate the most common and most credible interpretations of universal colour meaning. It is important to note colour also has personal meaning shaped by your experiences and outlook on life. It is important to follow your intuitive feelings about how colour affects you and only use the widespread interpretations as a guideline.

To provide a structure within which to discuss colour, I will be drawing on Eastern terminology as they have a system that better accommodates this. The Sanskrit term ‘chakra' will be used to describe energy centres in the human body that correspond to specific colour vibrations. Chakras are swirls of energy located in specific areas of the body that resonate at certain vibrations. There are seven main chakra points (groin or root, spleen, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown) that vibrate to each colour of the rainbow. These energy points are actually in the Spirit body that contains the physical body.

When balanced, the chakras follow the same colour spectrum as the rainbow. Events in our life may cause an healthy or unhealthy dis-alignment of the rainbow sequence in the chakras. Since many of life challenges warrant a concentration of spiritual energy from one or more major chakra centres, this may be a sign of a healthy way of dealing with a specific life challenge. It may also speak to the need for change. A skilled and trained intuitive can distinguish this.

The balance or imbalance of the chakras can be seen and felt through the aura. To the trained sensitive, the electro-magnetic field around each of us is a glitter with beautiful colours reflecting the essences of our spiritual, mental, and physical beings. When we are balanced and our life circumstances are on an even-keel, each chakra follows the colour spectrum from red to purple perfectly. When balanced, we think, feel and act at our peak spiritually, emotionally, physically and emotionally. When we are balanced, things seem to go our way we handle life's challenges by turning them into positive growth experiences. When balanced, we are in control of our lives. Balance achieved is the realization of the connection between our body, mind, heart and spirit, as well as our connection to our environment.


Creation and physical energy are the vibration of red ~ reproduction, starting new projects, new beginnings. In excess, red can turn to anger and in the extreme - rage. If you need energy or passion, surround yourself in red, wear red clothes, eat red foods (eg., apples, red cabbage, radishes, cherries). If you have an excess of energy or need concentration for detailed work, avoid red. Red is the element of fire. Without heat we would be paralysed with cold.

Emotional/Mental: vigour, fire, heat, blood, passion, creation, dominant, extrovert, power ~ St. Valentine's, Christmas. Red is the vibration of birth-the foundation of our emotional/mental stability based on family dynamics, our group, tribal or familial belief systems. Red allows us to be more humanistic, more forgiving, and more passionate about our life's activities. If you feel you have lost that zest in life, red is a good colour to restore your enthusiasm. Pink, a lighter shade of red, is the vibration of love, human kindness and compassion. Red allows for creative ideas things. It is a good colour to promote brainstorming where quantity, not quality, of ideas is needed.

Physical: blood, respiratory, nervous, muscular, liver. Red stimulates the nervous system, the liver, the muscular system, the respiratory system, blood pressure and pulse rate. Red increases the growth in plants, hormonal activity and the healing of wounds (the opposite of blue). Time is over- estimated and weight is perceived as being heavier.

Spiritual: Red vibrates at the lowest frequency and is associated with the earth and is the centre of physical energy and vitality. It gives us courage and determination. When balanced we are comfortable being spontaneous and out-going. Honesty and forgiveness are easier with the vibration of red. Relationships built on the vibration of pink have more compassion and spirituality than those built purely on red. The sacrament connection is baptism, our way of honouring the importance and appropriateness of birthing into our family. The sacred truth is ‘All is One,' reflecting a responsibility to the community and being of service to others to create a positive community.

Chakra: root chakra ~ etheric body. At the bottom of the spine, the groin or root chakra connects you to Mother earth. It is physical energy. Focusing on your root chakra stimulates the lower part of your body: the legs, tail bone, sexual and urinary organs, and the adrenal glands. Concerned with survival on the emotional and physical planes, this is the survival chakra. The awakening of this chakra is necessary to allow an integration of spiritual energy released from the higher chakras

Affirmation: The vibration of red is flowing in, through and around my body, energizing every cell and organ with its physical energy, with its creative sparks. I have the energy to fulfill my obligations and constructive desires. My root chakra is perfectly balanced. I have exactly the right amount of red that I need right now.


Creative energy and putting into action solid creative ideas is the vibration of orange ~ doing projects, completing ideas. The pure form of orange can be a bit abrasive. However, more muted tones, like peach and salmon are more attractive and subtle. Orange helps you to hone in on the quality of ideas that were generated in the red vibration. If you need focusing, surround yourself in orange ~ wear orange clothes, eat orange foods (e.g. peaches, oranges, cantaloupe, turnips). If you are too focused and need expanding, avoid orange.

Emotional/Mental: warmth, jovial, lively, energetic, assertive ~ Halloween, Thanksgiving. The chakra of partnership, developmentally becomes distinctive around the age of seven. Individuation and separation from our family roots begin with the resonation of this vibration. Orange can strengthen emotions and create a psychological feeling of well-being. Here we begin to establish our personal identity and establish boundaries

Physical: sexual organs, large intestine, lower vertebrae, pelvis, hips, appendix and bladder. Orange stimulates the thyroid, spleen, pancreas and breath.

Spiritual: Our ‘fight or flight' instinct is developed here as well as our resilience to recover from loss, and our skill at decision-making. The sacrament is Communion, symbolizing the attachments we make with others. Our values and perspective toward procreation are developed in this vibration. The sacred truth is ‘respect others' and ‘treat others as you would have them treat you,' is reflective of the idea of cause and consequences. It is through our relationships with others that we enhance our consciousness and become more aware. Through pain or challenge, we choose to grow or not, our strengths and needs are revealed to us.

Chakra: spleen ~ emotional body. The awakening of this body is necessary to allow an integration of spiritual energy released from the higher chakras. This vibration facilitates sexual relations becoming a creative communion, allowing creative energies to develop artistically and aesthetically, and is the source of spiritual energy, motivations and creation.

Affirmation: The vibration of orange is flowing in, through and around my body, energizing every cell and organ with its creativity, allowing me to put into action those creative plans and ideas that serve me best. I have the creative energy to plan and fulfill my obligations and create constructive desires that are for my own best good. My spleen chakra is perfectly balanced. I have exactly the right amount of orange that I need right now.


Knowledge and wisdom are found in the vibration of yellow when in balance promoting a healthy stimulation of mental growth, logic and learning. Lighter tones promote purer thought processes and darker tones promote more practical use of learning. As the storage centre of spiritual energy, this is the vibration of Personal Power and the formation of self-esteem in our teen years.

Emotional/Mental: intellect, sunlight, caution, inspiring, radiant, safety. This is the vibration that gives strength to our ego development and its connection with our personality. Issues that can evolve from an imbalance in this chakra are related to assuming responsibility for one's actions, self-esteem, inability to handle criticism or rejection. Too much of this vibration facilitates an over abundance of logic and too little can result over sensitivity.

Physical: stomach, pancreas, adrenals, upper intestines, gallbladder, liver and the middle spine. Yellow stimulates the motor nerves, digestion, the lymphatic system and strengthen nerves.

Spiritual: The Divine qualities of endurance and integrity partner to create the vibration of ‘standing up and being counted.' The sacrament aligned to yellow is confirmation, a sacrament of self- respect, is the emergence of an alignment between the higher self and the expressed or conscious self. Strength of character emerge from a balanced solar plexus, honouring the sacred truth of this vibration ‘to thine own self be true.'

Chakra: Solar Plexus ~ mental body. This energy storage house is the source of symbolic sight and spiritual energy. The awakening of this chakra is necessary to allow an integration of spiritual energy released from the higher chakras. The ‘gut' feeling is appropriate for this energy centre as it is marked by the innate awareness or consciousness on all planes - physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. It is the vibration of the wisdom needed to integrate the intuitive with the concrete. Yellow energy allows us to transform the reactive, self-centred energy of the first two chakras into interactive altruistic, healing energy. It is the information centre of knowledge. If imbalanced, yellow can promote emotional disturbances, such as depression and mood swings, and when balanced predisposes one to a deep and fulfilling emotional life.

Affirmation: The vibration of yellow is flowing in, through and around my body, energizing every cell and organ with its wisdom and capacity for learning. I have the wisdom to integrate my life's experiences with my formal education, allowing me to fulfill my obligations and create a growth promoting life-style. Just as I store this wisdom and knowledge, I store the spiritual energy that I receive so as to use it when I need to. My Solar plexus chakra is perfectly balanced, I honour myself and am able to have my truth stand up and be counted. I have exactly the right amount of yellow that I need right now to express my strength of character.


The vibration of growth ~ in nature, foliage and new growth is green. On the personal emotional/ mental plane, green fosters personal healing and personal growth. The green vibration is one of growth, rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Emotional/Mental: nature, water, quieting, refreshing, peaceful, abundance, health, growth. Green allows the ideas created in red to be developed and come to fruition. It is a withdrawal from stimulus and a focus on following through, reflection and concentration. Green can stabilize and sooth emotion. It is the colour of growth, fertility, hope and new life.

Physical: Heart and circulatory system, ribs, breasts, thymus gland, lungs, shoulders, arms, hands, diaphragm. Green can reduce nervous and muscle tensions, and help with sleeplessness and exhaustion.

Spiritual: The development of this chakra will determine the quality of your life, as it reflects the internal emotional stage that allows us to act consciously with responsibility and with compassion. It is through the development of this chakra that we can grow in the concept of ‘let go and let God.' The more developed, the more we are able to accept challenges that come our way as an extension of our Souls's Mission. Implicit in this chakra's blossoming is a tacit understanding that God is Love and compassion. The sacrament of marriage resonates to this vibration, first as a marriage between one's Soul and one's self. This union is necessary to foster a healthy and loving union between two people. An under-developed chakra can result in bitterness, jealously and the inability to forgive. A balanced heart chakra can foster purity in love, forgiveness, hope, inspiration and trust. The sacred truth lived in this vibration is ‘unconditional love is divine power,' with an endless capacity to forgive.
Chakra: heart/mind chakra ~ astral body. Primarily concerned with the transformation of earthly concerns into spiritual consciousness, this vibration assists in mediating between the lower physical energy centres and the higher more spiritual energy centres. It is the connector between the spirit and the body. When fully activated and balanced, this energy helps us develop a strong love of humanity and a desire to better humanity and world peace. It is the foundation or source of motivation for all our actions. The more activated, the more we desire to be of service to others, the more we work out of love. This is a very special chakra as its opening or blossoming will reflect your own spiritual blossoming.

Affirmation: The healing vibration of green is flowing in, through and around my body, energizing every cell and organ with its capacity for personal growth. I acknowledge the growth that I have achieved and continue to be attuned to my needs for continued personal growth. My heart chakra is perfectly balanced. I have exactly the right amount and shade of green that I need right now.

Light Blue:

the vibration of physical healing. A spiritual healer or energy worker calls on the vibration of light blue to heal. In this vibration we learn to assume full responsibility for our choices and consequences or our actions. We learn to align our will with that of the Divine and in so doing learn to make ‘right' choices. In perfect balance, we recognize that the only authority in our lives is our selves and how we let the Divine work through us.

Emotional/Mental: cool, sky, subduing, contemplative, physical healing, devotion. Because blue is a difficult colour to focus, it is low on attention getting. Blue creates a restful and serene atmosphere, and is comforting to the introvert. This is the energy centre of making choices, and exerting one's will in balance with the will of the Divine.

Physical: metabolism, vitality, throat, thyroid, trachea, esophagus, parathyroid, hypothalamus, neck vertebrae, mouth, jaw and teeth. Blue slows down the growth in plants, decreases hormonal activity, lowers blood pressure and inhibits the healing of wounds (the opposite of red). Time is underestimated and weight is perceived as being lighter. Blue energy is associated with sound and the ability to express oneself. A good colour to promote rest, calmness and relaxation in rooms. Blue hues in your clothes give off an aura of calmness, competency and openness.

Spiritual: ‘Let Thy will be mine,' is the spiritual principle discovered in this vibration. When followed, it demonstrates an openness to Divine guidance, and an acknowledgement of the energy impact of our thoughts and actions. Through this energy centre we create our own karma based on the ‘rightness' of our choices. ‘Thoughts are things.' Our actions reflect our thoughts. Each action affects everything around us including the environment.

Chakra: Throat Chakra ~ Spiritual Body. This vibration focuses on communication in all forms ~ art, dance, writing, poetry, film, and verbal expression. The love/mercy and judgement of the Divine are expressed through this energy centre: the balance of yin and yang, right and left. Confession is the sacrament that is attuned to this balanced vibration, expressing our accountability for our actions.

Affirmation: The healing vibration of light blue is flowing in, through and around my body, healing every cell and organ with its physically healing energy. I allow the healing vibration of light blue to concentrate on whatever body part my intuition feels it needs right now. My throat chakra is perfectly balanced, allowing my expression to occur through the right medium for me. I have exactly the right amount of light blue where I need it right now.

Indigo Blue:

Indigo blue is the vibration that allows our connection to our intuition to grow. In its vibration we can feel safer in dealing with the unknown, as this in the centre of Divine knowledge and wisdom. When this chakra is in balance we are able to better distinguish between thoughts motivated by strength and those motivated by fear. It is through this vibration that we can create an inner sanctuary where we can see things from a unique and constructive perspective. Our priority becomes to seek truth, justice and humanitarianism, and to develop a clearer, more balanced and fairer understanding of our world through its energies.

Emotional/Mental: transparent, night sky, meditative, mystical. This vibration connects our conscious self and our higher self, through our intuitive wisdom. Indigo helps you deal with fear of the unknown and gives you the strength to face the unknown with confidence.

Physical: thyroid and respiratory depressant; gives energy to the brain, and neurological system, pituitary and pineal glands, eyes, ears and nose.

Spiritual: Once we accept this vibration, we have stepped onto a spiritual path. This is a path of questions and challenges. We are asking the Divine to activate those experiences that will give us the opportunity to learn that which our Higher self knows we need to learn. Our mind is able to open itself to that which is beyond the personal, to that of what Carl Jung called the ‘supra or collective conscious.' The acceptance and realization that "thoughts are things' is the basic spiritual premise of this developed chakra. Ordination, being called to be of service, is the sacrament that is inspired by this chakra being in perfect balance. Symbolically, ordination speaks to the ability of everyone to deeply affect the lives of others. The sacred truth of this chakra is 'seek only truth:' being able to put our own fears, issues and concerns as secondary to seeing the truth and acting on that truth.

Chakra: Brow chakra ~ Causal Body. Through integration of this chakra with the root (red) chakra we begin to understand our connections with Mother earth, and our connections with the Divine or Heavenly Father. We develop a stronger sense of harmony with nature and therefore a need to care for and protect the environment. The awakening of this chakra is related to the awakening of our Spiritual Self ~ the Divine presence in each of us. We begin to feel that our purpose is at one with the Divine. With this colour and chakra you can create an inner sanctuary.

Affirmation: The vibration of deep dark blue is flowing in, through and around my body, attuning every cell and organ to trusting my intuitive connection. I am trusting my intuition in fulfilling my obligations and creating constructive, positive desires that are for my own best good and for the best good of others. My brow chakra is perfectly balanced. I have exactly the right amount of indigo blue and intuition that I need right now to recognize and acknowledge the greater truth, the truth beyond my own personal perceptions. I am in tune with the objective truth, strive for greater understanding and act in service of the Divine for humankind. I allow the energy to flow through my brow or third eye, awakening my intuition and connecting me to the Divine energies.


The vibration of spirituality - connecting to the Divine presence in oneself. This is also the vibration of royalty, who are often also spiritual leaders, able to determine right and wrong and establish justice. In this vibration we can transcend the physical and enter the spiritual world. It is in this vibration that we solidify our morals and values developing our philosophy or belief system. It is here that we create a personal connection to the Divine through meditative and prayful practices, allowing us to transcend the physical.

Emotional/Mental: deep, soft, mystical, dignified, royal, Divinely inspired, spirituality ~ Easter. When in tune with this vibration and when this energy centre is in alignment, we are open to receiving inspiration, gifts of spirit, and prophetic insight. Purple is the colour of pure spirituality. It inspires reflection, imagination, deeper meditation and spiritual healing. It facilitates mental strength, leadership, humanitarianism, idealism, kindness and a sense of justice.

Physical: pituitary gland, hair and bone growth. This is where spiritual energy enters the body, nourishing the body, mind/heart and Spirit. It therefore affects the major systems of the body: the central nervous system, the muscular system and the skin. Purple is a combination of red and blue the two opposites and therefore appears to be biologically neutral. It gives energy to the spleen and lymphatic system. As decor, purple promotes quiet reflection rather than conversation and social activities. It is a good colour for chapels and meditative rooms, not for a living or recreation room. Violet and purple clothes give one an aura of mystique, a dreamer and a thinker.

Spiritual: When balanced we are in a position to receive ‘Divine Grace.' When too focused on this energy, one can become detached or disconnected to the earthly world and concerns. One who has a purple vibration is likely a highly developed intuitive with a powerful creative energy that inspires authors, artists, scientists to serve for the betterment of humankind. The spiritual energy channelled through the crown chakra in meditation is ten-fold that of energy of a lower vibration. The seventh or crown chakra has no beginning or end and it is considered to be eternal. The Christian sacrament that aligns with it is the ‘Last Rites - the symbolic process of retrieving one's Spirit from unfinished business, releasing regrets, and forgiving. Symbolically it is a purification of the Soul, that can and should occur not only at death, but during the process of living. The connection here is one of personal spirituality, ‘live fully in the present.'

Chakra: Crown Chakra ~ Soul Body

Affirmation: The vibration of purple is flowing in, through and around my body, energizing every cell and organ with its sense of spirituality. I am attuned to the Divine presence in me, I am in harmony with nature and my world. I am aware of my connectedness to Mother earth and to the Heavenly Father. I am fully grounded and connected. My spiritual or crown chakra is perfectly balanced. My purposes in life are one with the Divine. I have exactly the right amount of purple and spiritual energy that I need right now.

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